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PC/Laptop Repair

From a small problem to hardware replacement we can service any PC need you have.


Wired and wireless networking solutions to make sure all your devices work well online

Media Servers

Organize your data and media files for easy access.

Data Storage Solutions

Offering everying from a simple drive wipe to a a new SSD drive installed with a contemporary operating system.

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Consider Switching From Windows to Linux

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In simple terms Linux is a Graphical User Interface driven version of UNIX, which has been developed to run on current personal computers. There are a number of different organizations that put out what are called distributions, which are basically different flavors of the operating system. Current operating systems like Mac OS X, Android, Chrome […]

Oct 5,2017No Comments

A Simple Way To Protect Your Kids Online

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Domain Name Servers or DNS for short is the Internet’s way to translation computer addresses to easy to remember names. For example if you had to type in every time you wanted to view Facebook it would be a huge hassle. In order for your computer to know what server address to connect a […]

Sep 23,2017No Comments

The Skinny On Portable Hard Drives

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These portable USB drives come in lots of flavors and sizes. Some use a desktop sized 3.5″ drive other use a laptop sized 2.5″ drive. There are now even versions that use a solid state drive. I want to talk about a few of the points on these drives to help folks understand what they […]

Sep 20,2017No Comments